iPhone best internet phone ever, says Google

Google is betting big on the mobile market and hopes Apple helps it get a head start, writes News.com's Elinor Mills, after the search Giant witnessed what it calls the "Christmas Cross-over".

During the Christmas period, thousands played with their newly acquired iPhone and logged on Google.com, this lead to a surge in the number of queries from iPhones which, according to Google.com, surpassed the number of queries logged from Symbian-based phones.

However, what's particularly exciting for Google is that the iPhone accounts for only 2 percent of the worldwide smart phone market with Symbian-based phones making up 63 percent of the market.

So this means that a much higher proportion of iPhone users used their phones to log on Google on Christmas day than Symbian ones.

The trend was also picked up by other online firms like Yahoo and AdMob, according to The New York Times.

Even after the Christmas period, traffic from iPhone users was sustained and although it fell back below Symbian, the iPhone is still ahead of both Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

Google will unveil a new user interface for the iPhone at MacWorld today and will also show an optimised version of the iGoogle, which it hopes, will be the first point of entry for iPhone users.