Maxdata Favorit 3000A, only GBP 299 PC with 3 years warranty

For businesses looking for a capable computer with a three year warranty, this could prove to be a real boon, especially as it comes with Vista Home Premium
On sale at Morgancomputers for only GBP 299

This Maxdata Dual Core Computer comes with the following specs

- Maxdata Favorit 3000A Model: 534052, Stylish brushed aluminium case
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ Dual Core processor (2.1Ghz x 2)
- 1GB DDR2 RAM (Max 2GB) and 160GB SATA II hard drive
- 18x LG DVD Writer drive, front ports - USB and audio for ease of use
- VIA Chrome 9 256MB (Shared) Graphic graphics, High Def 7.1 Audio
- 6x USB 2.0, LAN, keyboard & mouse. Can be used as a desktop or a tower