Remote Working Bad for Employees Morale

A report compiled by Timothy Golden, associate professor in the Lally School of Management & Technology at Rensselaer, showed that while remote working could boost morale and have other beneficial impacts on tele-workers, it can have the exact opposite effect on whoever is left behind in the office.

In what appears to be a case study loosely related to the equity theory, Golden found out that "Non-tele-workers who are less satisfied with co-workers may tend to find the workplace less enjoyable, have fewer and weaker emotional ties to co-workers, and generally feel less obligated to the organization."

The report studied a sample of 240 professional employees from a single medium size company and as such it might have been influenced by a number of factors such as location - the research was carried out in the US, the amount of time non tele-workers engage with Tele-workers and so on.

The report's result might help manager understand and take action to diminish any adverse impact of tele-working.