Sun plans to outsource ALL its data centres

Brian Cinque, Sun Microsystems Data Centre Architect, has revealed that the Network Giant is looking to reduce its internal data centre usage to zero within 7 years.

“As SunIT reduces data centers due to higher utilization functionality, there will be a point proven by metrics, that SunIT can only become so efficient. At that point SunIT must progress from a “service oriented architecture” to more of a software as a service.” said Cinque.

By 2015, SunIT should have zero data centre presence according to the blog post written on the 10th of January.

Sun's CTO, John Dutra, however said that this was a vision rather than a tactical plan although he stressed that Sun is eager to reduce its in-house computing hardware usage.

By 2013, two years before the deadline, Sun plans to half the Data Centre square footage, total power consumption and the amount of BTU consumed.

The company plans to reduce the amount of data centres by using server virtualisation, storage and application consolidation, WAN acceleration and SaaS.

It is particularly interesting that a Fortune 500 company like Sun came forward with such a forceful statement, especially as it operates in an ultra competitive market.

By committing to this mantra - zero data centres within 7 years - Sun certainly wants to prove its point that this is doable even for a multi-billion company.

Which is a bold statement given that Sun Microsystems sells a substantial number of Data Centre Solutions.