Vodafone joins Wireless Broadband Gang

Mobile Telephony firm Vodafone has released a new USB modem that allows faster-than-broadband speeds to be reached without the burden of a landline thanks to HSDPA.

The average broadband connection speed in UK is amongst the slowest at 2.6mbps according to a report published in October 2007 by the Information Technology Innovation Foundation (ITIF).

Vodafone's new high speed USB Modem 7.2 promises speeds of up to 7.2mbps for downloads and up to 1.4mbps for uploads.

At GBP 25 for a 3GB fair usage allowance per month, it should be enough for most casual users and a GBP 8.50 per 24 hour access in the EU makes it an altogether more rounded deal.

T-Mobile and 3 have recently announced that they would merge their mobile broadband services in a bid to increase UK coverage and to cut operating costs.

Vodafone claims that the USB modem is the smallest and slimmest yet and supports all the major operating systems on the market except Linux.

No PCMCIA or Expresscard versions of the modem have been announced yet although Vodafone does have data cards for laptops.