Will Macworld 2008 mark launch of Apple's first Solid State Tablet?

The iPhone did something to Apple that few have mentioned. It gave legitimacy to touch screen interfaces again after Microsoft's UMPC and Tablet PC went down wrong with users and reviewers.

Now the blogosphere is buzzing with rumours that Apple is ready to take the iPhone to the next level, giving it a bigger brother.

An announcement over the launch of a major new product is expected tomorrow, Tuesday 15th, during a Keynote Speech by Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, from 5pm GMT.

An Apple banner snapped in San Francisco Moscone Center featuring the tagline "There's something in the air" had some bloggers wondering whether the laptop would be called Apple Macbook Air or AirMac - which is already a registered trademark.

There's also heavy speculation over whether Apple would be releasing the yet-to-be-announced laptop with built-in WiMax, Wireless USB or even induction charge which would it the first truly wire free laptop.

Laptops have powered the resurgence of the Apple brand with the Mac Book Pro and the Mac Book doing exceptionally well with more than 1.3 million units sold in the fourth fiscal year ending September 2007.