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Currant Bun duped by Samoan sex tape hoaxsters

It seems that the super, soaraway Sun, that well-known bastion of British journalism, has allegedly been caught with its reporting panties down (opens in new tab)regarding reports of a Britney Spears sex tape said to be available on t’Internet.

According to newswire reports (opens in new tab), The Sun was either duped - or - as one newswire said, didn’t bother to check into the facts too carefully - about a report that (opens in new tab) - another bastion of unbiased journalism (allegedly -Ed) - had detailed, involving a sex tape showing a bald Britney engaged in a multi-tasking event. The tape was, of course, available on the Net.

The tape allegedly involves (opens in new tab) two laydees and a bloke partaking of coke (and I don’t mean Pepsi folks), dope and booze.

Detailed analysis of the Web (opens in new tab)reveals nada, other than reports leading to the Sun’s article, as well as a couple of links to the report.

Except that it appears that the Web pages were spoofed on a third-party Web site - registered to domain registered in Samoa - by persons unknown.

Which appears to have been enough to persuade reporters on the Sun that the news of the Britney tape was a reality - after all, if it appears on the Net, it must be true - right?