Sony to introduce wireless USB Rival

Sony, the company who is responsible for some major Consumer Electronics feuds - remember the minidisc, i-Link, UMD, DAT betamax, blu-ray and memory sticks - has announced yet another controversial move.

According to ZDnet, Sony will launch a competitor to the Wireless USB technology, the Transferjet.

Like Wireless USB, Transferjet will work best for short distance transmissions, offering a theoretical maximum speed of 560mbps, although this requires the emitter to be almost within touching distance - 3 cm - of the receptor.

In comparison, Wireless USB will offer up to 480mbps within a 3m range although it will use more than one spectrum band to achieve this transfer rate - which some argue could mean more interferences.

Sony previewed the technology at the recent CES held in Las Vegas and touted the "Touch and Get" paradigm as the next big thing in transmission.

It could be envisaged in the feature that some manufacturers bundle an induction-based charger and a proximity data transmitter in the same base.

However, it remains to be seen who will join Sony in this Don Quichotte-like take on Wireless USB.