US gets more of unlimited streaming videos

Informationweek writes that Netflix subscribers will get unlimited streaming video from USD 8.99 per month. That's about a third the price we pay in the UK for the TV License.

Unlimited has always been a very powerful selling point with our subscribers and a large part of what set us apart in the marketplace," said Leslie Kilgore, the company's chief marketing officer. "In talking with members about our streaming feature during the past year, it became clear that, as with DVDs, the idea of streaming unlimited movies and TV episodes on a PC resonated quite strongly. And we're now in a good position to offer that."

Although there will only be an initial batch of 6,000 films - around 7 percent of Netflix's DVD library, the cost also includes a free unlimited DVD subscription, which should sweeten the deal.

Already, US based subscribers can legally view movies for free or very cheap, courtesy of online services like, AOL Video or Amazon's Unbox.

Lovefilm has started a similar service in the UK although prices are altogether much higher.

Earlier in December 2007, Walmart, the largest DVD seller in the US had closed its video download-only merchant store because it did not perform "as expected".