Bruce Schneier has an open Wi-Fi network

I was intrigued to read this week that Bruce Schneier, arguably one of the top security gurus of today - and actually a really nice chap - apparently leaves his home WiFi network open to all comer

The great man details why he’s done this here, but I can’t help feeling that Bruce may be placing himself in a similar situation to Jeremy Clarkson, who recently published his bank account details in his column in a popular UK newspaper, saying this wasn’t a security risk.

It was, as the Clarkson soon discovered, not the best of choices, as someone set up a direct debit for a diabetes charity on his account, which he only spotted after 500 quid had been handed over.

In a similar vein, meanwhile, Bruce’s WiFi set-up could be used by hackers to download illegal porn and then where would he be if his ISP or local constabulary realised what had happened?

It’s a small risk, admittedly, but an interesting stance from someone who is so well versed on IT security matters…