Entreprises adopt Office 2007, not Vista

CDW (Via Microsoft-Watch) released results of a survey that shows that US based companies are upgrading to Office 2007 rather than Windows Vista 2007.

The two-part survey shows that nearly a quarter of companies probed had upgraded to Office 2007 with a majority saying that they plan to upgrade.

Of those, three quarters expect Office 2007 to be deployed within their company within the next 12 months.

The overall percentage of companies saying no decreased to 14 percent, which still represents one out of seven respondents.

The findings, according to the author of the article, Joe Wilcox, should cause some concern to Microsoft's bean counters as the slow uptake of Office 2007 may indicate that some firms might not consider upgrading until the next Office iteration.

Wilcox was also surprised by the proportion of firms migrating to Office 2007 without Vista because "Microsoft created no real synergy between the products."

But Office 2007 is still much more expensive than Windows Vista and requires less maintenance overhead (less fixes or patches) when compared to Vista.