What's next for Apple and Steve Jobs

Apple's shares fell by nearly USD 10, a 5.45 percent yesterday, 15th January 2008, wiping nearly USD 8bn off Apple's market capitalisation.

Markets fail to follow the optimism displayed by IDC Analyst Richard Shim who told Forbes that this was a good "fix-it" Macworld.

Apple's shares were the worse performers in the Computer Hardware sector although the shares did pick up at a later stage, mitigating the losses.

Part of this might be explained by the fact that expectations for Steve Jobs' Keynote were so high that the announcement of a single Macbook product, albeit a gorgeous one, prompted a few aficionados to start moaning and groaning.

The lack of other major products and services launches didn't go unnoticed by the fans though, while the high price of the new Macbook is sure to put some hardcore Mac users off.

But Apple has had the tendency to bounce back when least expected; with Steve Jobs refocusing on the lucrative iTunes brand means that Apple can look forward to another bumper quarter yet again.