Linspire-backed USD 199 PC appears on the market

Linux on the desktop got another thumbs up from a major US store chain. will be selling the Mirus Innovations PC for only USD 199 after a USD 100 main in rebate, with the price being slashed even more to USD 184.99 till the 19th of January.

Unlike the Everex Linux PC sold for the same price by Walmart, the Mirus PC is substantially more powerful, with a Celeron D 420 processor, 1GB memory and a 80GB hard disk drive.

The computer also comes with speakers, keyboard, mouse, an optical drive and a memory card reader.

Linspire will provide with the Linux-based Operating system as well as the one-click installation service through Linspire's CNR service.

"Our system builders have been forging new ground in the low-end Linux PC market for over 5 years now" said Larry Kettler, President and CEO of Linspire, Inc.

"This latest system from Mirus Innovations is the most robust hardware and software configuration, and offers the best value for under $200 to date."

Apart from the Walmart Linux PC, Everex has also launched a cheap Linux based laptop which will compete with the Asus EEE which was launched earlier in November 2007.