Russian hackers attack Estonian news agency servers

EE by gum, Estonia\’s geting battered!...Reports from Estonia suggest that, as the trial of four Russians charged with rioting in the country last year is starting,, the Estonian news site portal, has sustained an astonishing two week long DDOS attack.

The attack, which reportedly ended last Tuesday, is said to have been minimally invasive, with Hillar Aarelaid of CERT Estonia quoted as saying that it was purely an Internet flood attack.

The attacks were nowhere near as bad as those seen in May of last year in Estonia.

According to the IDG newswire, those attacks were the result of Estonian officials’ decision to relocate the statue of a Red Army soldier, which apparently angered a bunch of Russian hackers.

This time around NATO didn’t get involved, but the attack on is still viewed as serious and unconfirmed reports suggest that Estonia’s CERT people are working on a solution…