Yahoo to Partner with T-Mobile on ads

Mobile service provider T-Mobile UK has signed an internet advert agreement with Yahoo which will allow the search engine to "provide targeted display advertising on T-Mobile's Internet service Web 'n' walk in Britain."

Yahoo struck a similar deal with Vodafone and has been more aggressive at acquiring more partners in the mobile segment that has also attracted interest from Microsoft, AOL and Google.

Back in March, Yahoo launched Mobile Publisher Services which allow publishers, advertisers and network operators to distribute and make money from adverts.

Thomas Husson, senior analyst at Jupiter Research, reported that the mobile advertising market would reach GBP 1bn by 2012 with a 40 percent increase in the number of Europeans that browse the internet regularly.

T-Mobile has yet to say what impact the announcement will have on its partnership with Google. Back in June 2005, both companies signed an agreement that made Google, the default search engine on the then new Web'n'walk internet service.

T-Mobile has 17 million customers in the UK with only 3 percent of them subscribing to the web'n'walk package which costs GBP 7.50 per month.