Generic 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Disc Pen Drive - GBP 3.99 delivered

Sooner or later, 99% of computer users will own one of these devices for transporting data, MP3s, photos, office documents etc. These days you'll see a lot of people carrying one everywhere on their keyring.

Big Maggot sells those 1GB USB 2.0 flash pendrives for a mere £3.99 delivered.

These are USB2.0 flash drives (pen drives). USB2.0 gives increased speeds for convenience.

Perfect for transferring files between PCs, laptops or any other USB enabled device. You can move, save, copy, delete and run files from the USB drive in the same way that you would from your computer's hard disc.

Completely plug & play - just connect to a free USB port. No installation required.

- Plugs into the USB port of your desktop or laptop computer.
- Fully compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 sockets.
- No driver or power supply required for Windows 2000/ME/XP and Mac OS 10.0 or higher, just plug in and use.