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iPhone fails to meet O2 targets

More people are visiting O2 shops than ever before. Nic Fildes from The Independent reports that the iPhone Halo has caused the number of visitors paying a visit to O2 shops to increase threefold.

Carphonewarehouse, the other launch partner for Apple's iPhone, has yet to disclose whether it has experienced a similar rise in visits.

However, Telefonica-owned (opens in new tab) O2, has revealed that it failed to sell 200,000 iPhones within 2 months, a conservative target that was set by the company itself, having missed the estimates by only 10,000.

O2 though was upbeat, saying that the iPhone has attracted "unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction" and revealing that the Apple's iconic phone was its fastest ever selling phone.

Customers willing to buy the iPhone had to take an 18 month contract and buy the iPhone separately, which would cost a whopping GBP 899 outright.

Research firm (opens in new tab) Gartner had estimated that between nearly twice the amount of iPhones - i.e. roughly 400,000 iPhones - could have been sold during the same eight weeks period.

Last week, Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO revealed that more than 4 million iPhones had been sold worldwide, roughly one every four seconds.

Désiré Athow

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