Nearly 50,000 sign up to save Windows XP

Nearly a year ago, someone submitted a request to Dell not to eliminate Windows XP just yet and by the 20th of January 2008, this request had gathered more than 26,000 votes which prompted Dell to continue selling Windows XP as an option on some systems since April last year.

However, Windows XP is already doomed as a standalone option as Microsoft has already announced that the seven year old operating system will be discontinued on the 30th of June 2008.

As a result, Infoworld, a tech website, launched a "Save Windows XP" petition which recruited more than 40,000 campaigners with roughly half coming from the US.

PCAdvisor reports that some, like Ken Anderson from the Burton Group, consider that a significant group of Windows XP users have developed emotional bonds with their operating system, just like Coke users did two decades ago with the original Coca Cola.

The petition called for Microsoft to keep Windows XP alongside Windows Vista indefinitely; it is however highly unlikely that Microsoft will agree to the petitioners request as this would undermine Microsoft's bottom-line and more importantly, slow down the upgrade cycle on which many Microsoft partners (like Dell, Asus or HP) depend to sell newer and more powerful computers.