Britannia Brand still going very strong

Comscore has released some very interesting data regarding the value of traditional UK online media brands and how they fare globally.

The BBC websites remain by far the most popular UK media website in the UK and globally

In November 2007, the corporation had served a whopping 18.9m UK visitors and more than 27m non UK visitors - this is more than the audience of the other seven media websites put together.

The number of people worldwide visiting the Dailymail and Telegraph group surged from November 2006 by more than 125 percent in both cases with only BSkyB experiencing a slight fall in traffic.

The audience of most UK media websites come from other countries - except for ITV and BSkyB. In the case of the Dailymail, only 3 visitors out of 10 are based in the UK

Interestingly, the survey excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet Cafes and schools - which are often the favoured way of going online in many third world countries, where the BBC's presence is stronger.

The results of the survey gives rise to a number of issues: serving pages costs money, albeit, a negligible amount - however, in the case of the Dailymail for example, this can amounts to significant sums.

It would be intriguing to know whether advertisers are aware that their adverts are being displayed overseas and that they might be paying for this.