Google Share prices feel the pain

Google investors probably had an "Oh My God" moment yesterday morning as the shares of the search giant fell to USD 564 down from a 52Wk high of USD 747.24 back in November 2007.

Anyone who has purchased Google Shares in the past 4 months has witnessed an incredible rollercoaster as prices rose and fell cyclically, leaving investors unsure about what will happen next.

Although Google's market capitalisation is closer to USD 200 bln than ever before, the company saw its market capitalisation fall by more than USD 50 bln in less than 100 days and there seems to be no end in sight.

Observers will take heed of the news that Google has struck a deal with Paris-based Advertising agency, Publicis, to display tens of millions of targeted online adverts.

Both companies are traditional competitors and it remains to be seen how Publicis and indeed Google could gain from the non-exclusive partnership.

Few details of the agreement have leaked and it is understood that the deal includes more than just adverts - Google and Publicis employers will work at each other's office in a bid to learn hands on.

According to Businessweek, "The non-exclusive deal aims to draw more advertisers to digital channels by creating product-specific advertisements aimed at very precise audiences."