Hackers released phished phisher kit

Netcraft has revealed the existence of an underground group which has launched a website dedicated to "phishing site code, email templates and other hacking tools."

The group behind the website is known as Mr-brain and originate from Morocco; they have published phishing kits for some of the most common targets such as Halifax, Paypal and HSBC and would appeal to would be criminals who do not have an in-depth knowledge of PHP or programming.

According to Netcraft, it takes approximately one minute to install one of those kits which make them ideal for mass phishing campaigns.

Mr Brain also boasts that none of its spam pages can be detected by Mozilla, Opera or Internet Explorer.

However, it is a matter of the phisher being phished as, instead of asking for money, Mr-Brain is sent a copy of all the information that the fraudster would be collecting using Mr-brain's kit.

The site, which can be easily found by using appropriate search strings, also proposes a list of social security numbers, credit card numbers and PINs.

French security website Zataz came across the website in June last year and it seems that Mr-Brain's venture was successful enough for them to start producing phishing kits en masse.