IBM says no to Opensource OS/2

IBM has flatly refused to open source the once-potential competitor to Microsoft Windows - perhaps because Big Blue does not want yet another operating system to wreck its massive investments in Linux, partly also because any revival of OS2 would not only cause a rethink of its strategy, but also demonstrate the inefficiencies (some might say conspiracy theory) that cause OS/2 to fail.

In response to a short letter sent by OSWorld's Kim Haverblad to IBM, Yvonne M. Perkins, Vice President of Enterprise Platform Software said that "for a variety of business, technical, and legal reasons, we [IBM] have decided to not pursue any OS/2 open source projects."

OS World had managed to gather nearly 12,000 signatures to convince IBM to let OS/2 move to Open Source.

When IBM wants to stun a product (or a brand), it usually does two things, it normally sells the hardware (IBM storage division to HGST, IBM PC division to Lenovo) or it leaves it to die of natural causes - Lotus Smartsuite anyone?

Although mainstream support OS/2 has all but disappeared, eComstation is still selling the operating system and continuing its development.

eComStation 2.0 RC4 offers Bootable JFS and support for multi-core CPUs and still counts HSBC as one of its users.