BullGuard offers free spam filtering software - with free support!

BullGuard, the Danish IT security firm, has launched something rather unusual, a free to use spam filtering add-on for most email applications, and, get this, with free 24x7 online support!

According to Theis Sondergaard, the CTO and co-founder of BullGuard, spam is now regarded by many as a number one threat on the Internet, with more than 80 per cent of emails sent on the Net being spam.

"With our free Spamfilter we're giving people a tool to keep their inboxes clean. In turn we use their input to further improve the efficiency of the BullGuard Spamfilter," he explained.

Ah, as Herr Lipp would say - all is klar - BullGuard is looking for anonymous data from users of its free software to augment its information database, which presumably helps its commercial software to spot spam more effectively.

The good news is that the Spamfilter software is billed as integrating with, as you might expect, Outlook and Outlook Express, but also supports the Windows Mail and Thunderbird clients.