Comscore confirms slight Google Drop

Internet Data Cruncher Firm, Comscore has confirmed that Google's grip on the US Search market has been slightly loosened in December as the grand daddy of search lost a tiny 0.2, falling to 58.4 percent in December 2007.

Second place Yahoo has garnered 22.9 percent of the US searches in the same period, a rise of 0.5 point compared to November 2007. Third place Microsoft remains stabled at 9.8 percent.

Altogether, the top three search engines represent more than 90 percent of the US search market.

US web surfers have performed nearly 10 billion searches altogether, a fall of nearly 4 percent compared to November 2007; in general, the big five search entities experienced a fall in the number of search queries.

Amongst the list of expanded search entities which include non search websites like Facebook, Ebay and Craiglist, Amazon was the only one which managed to grow in December 2007, partly due to the crowd looking for last minute gifts.

Earlier this week, Research company Nielsen revealed that Google's share of the US market fell by 1.4 percent in December 2007 while Microsoft's rose by 0.2 percent.