Dell start selling PCs at PCWorld

Dell marked the end of the Direct Model era as the first Dell computers turned up for sale on the shelves of PC World, as reported by British Tech website, PC Pro.

PC World has started to sell the Dell Inspiron 1520 as well as the Dell M1730 and has yet to sell desktop computers.

One surprising aspect of the deal is the fact that none of the computers on sale are likely to be big sellers because of their price.

For example, the cheapest Dell laptop - the Dell Inspiron 1520 - costs a whopping £700 and that particular model has already been phased out on Dell's website - In contrast, the cheapest laptop on Dell's website costs half that price.

A similar laptop, the Inspiron 1525, costs £160 less, although it does not have a dedicated video card but comes with a webcam instead.

PC World even sells a beefier Toshiba laptop which costs only £50 extra but comes with a 17-inch screen.

Moreover, Dell hasn't said whether it will sell its much cheaper Inspiron desktop computers and Vostro line of laptops.