Microsoft Insider reveals more about Windows 7

Long Zheng, of Windows Blogging website, has published a few more tasty bits after other websites released more details about Windows Seven - that one enlightened contributor has posted

From the onset, it appears that Windows Seven and Windows Live are going to be intimately related but, probably because of Antitrust concerns, Microsoft is going to allow other companies like Yahoo or Google, to use Windows Seven in exactly the same way as Windows Live. No dirty DR-DOS tricks here.. apparently.

Apart from the fact that there will be welcomed updates to Calc, Paint and Notepad - no mention of Solitaire and Minefield, the main emphasis seems to be on the fact that Windows will follow an Office like production process where improvements and adding features will be done gradually, rather than through rocky bumps or big bangs.

Although there's no killer feature mentioned in the article, there's no way to prove that the contribution was indeed from a Microsoft insider but it does match the general focus that was described by TG Daily and Neowin previously.