Google Health is coming amidst privacy concern

Tony Ruscoe & Philipp Lenssen from Blogoscoped wrote about the new Google Health Logging page that has appeared on Google website. The link provided,, is not working.

However, the page is still alive and kicking in Google's Search cache - you can view it in all its glory here.

According to the page, Google health services will allow you to

* Build online health profiles that belong to you

* Download medical records from doctors and pharmacies

* Get personalized health guidance and relevant news

* Find qualified doctors and connect to time-saving services

* Share selected information with family or caregivers

But how does Google plan to monetise this service and make it a money spinner?

Back in December, SEO By the Sea has come across a patent application from Google which discusses how Google Health might bring in revenue for Google.

The patent is entitled "Method and apparatus for serving advertisements in an electronic medical record system" and has been submitted by Eric Sachs.

Last year, the Google Operating System Blog showed what appeared to be the first screenshot of Google Health prototype.

Rumours about Google's interest in health services and data started nearly two years ago when Adam Bosworth was designated as Google's Architect for Google Health.