Microsoft shares rise on record revenues and earnings

Microsoft has announced quarter records for its revenue and operating income as the company's shares closed yesterday on a 4.13 percent rise - to $33.25 - and are set to rise even further today, to bring them closer to their 52 week high of $37.50.

For the quarter that ended December 31, 2007, Microsoft's revenues were up 30 percent to $16.4 billion - that equates to $66 billion spanned over a year, with operating income up 87 percent to $6.5 billion.

Since Windows Vista became generally available one year ago, Microsoft's Client business has grown over 20% on average and sales of Windows Vista have surpassed 100 million licenses.

Shareholders will be particularly pleased with the Earnings per share rising 92 percent to $0.50 per share.

Microsoft's five business divisions have seen impressive growth with the biggest of them, Windows Client - which includes Desktop Operating Systems - posting a healthy 68 percent growth with $4.3 billion sales.

The press release also mentions that Microsoft is betting on the BRIC (Brazil, China, India and Russia) countries to help Microsoft maintain its healthy growth.

Because of the slowing down of the global economy and fears that the current market crunch would put a squeeze on budgets, Microsoft has posted a lower forecast for its revenues and operating income.