Mumbai police hitting problems with online fraud

A report from India suggests that the police in Mumbai - despite ostensibly having a cybercrime off to a T - are less than impressive at ground level.

It seems that a UK citizen calling himself Wilfred Louis was arrested by Navrangpura police on January 10, but, as of last weekend, the police have been unable to interview him.

Not that Mr Louis is a supercrim. It's just that the local police don't seem to have the IT resources to interview him effectively.

According to Indian newswire reports, Louis, who claimed to be a UK citizen, purchased gold jewellery from a shop and offered what appears to be a forged card for payment.

Police now say they suspect him to be a Nigerian travelling on a forged password, but he doesn't appear to understand English.

Police, however, claim to have gained access to five of Louis' email accounts, so presumably they can work out what is his language of choice?

For that, police say, they need expert investigators and resources they just don't have.

Good going eh?...