Statistics confirm Newspapers are alive and kicking

The number of web users visiting US Online newspapers websites has been surging last year according to figures released yesterday by the Newspaper Association of America.

More than 60 million visitors flocked to the newspapers' websites every month, with visits averaging 44 minutes per month.

The report, compiled by Nielsen online, covered both home and house internet use; it is not known whether mobile internet use, a growing trend in the US, has been included in the survey.

The report comes after Comscore revealed that UK newspaper websites have been enjoying some exceptional growth with some brands like the Dailymail website seeing their number of visitors growing by more than 125 percent over 2007.

The US Newspaper industry is a huge USD 59 billion entity and the NAA represents more than 2000 newspapers both in the US and in Canada.

Newspapers have been become increasingly reliant on online advertising and integrated marketing campaigns to generate revenue as web firms like Google and Craiglist have been nipping away at their bread and butter business like classified ads.

The industry has also been under growing pressure to cut their overheads; earlier this year, a number of newspapers have announced a reduction in their staff numbers in order to stay in business.