Angolan mobile users hit by killer virus hoax

I was intrigued to read on the African newswires ( that punters on Angola's Unitel cellular network are being told that there is a human-infecting virus circulating on their mobile network.

A spokesperson for the cellco, Henrique da Silva, is quoted on the AllAfrica newswire as saying that the rumours are nothing more than a bad joke.

Da Silva is quoted as saying that punters can handle their mobiles without any problems - "there is no computing virus causing death to human beings," he explained.

Just to make life interesting, the Unitel hoax seems to have developed wings, with unknown third parties sending anonymous text messages to Unitel and Movitel (another Angolan cellco) users advising them of a deadly infection that can be triggered by dialling certain numbers.

Yes folks, there's one born every minute. Excuse me, though, I must lay down, as I just made a mobile phone call and I feel all funny...