Is iPhone a terrible Teutonic failure?

Pink Lover Mobile Service Provider, T-Mobile, has announced that it has sold at least 70,000 iPhones since the handset was launched on the 9th of November 2007.

The figure represents the number of people who have signed up for the iPhone airtime package and doesn't indicate the actual number of users.

Unlike UK, France and Germany lawmakers required that the iPhone be sold as an unlocked device although geographical restrictions remained.

Although, T-Mobile was bullish, saying that the iPhone is the company's most popular multimedia product in Europe's largest country, this pales in comparison with sales of the iPhone in UK.

O2 announced last week that nearly 200,000 iPhones had been sold within 2 months, nearly three times the amount of iPhones flogged in Germany.

The Register says that between 300,000 and 400,000 handsets have already been sold in Europe.

Earlier this month, Steve Jobs announced at Macworld, that Apple had already sold 4 million iPhones since launching in June 2007 although some, like Leo Laporte from TwitTV, point out that the figures do not add up.