Malaysia and India fight over Google Server Farm

The Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi confirmed that Google has expressed a keen interest in setting up a base in Malaysia, in an interview in Davos during the World Economic Forum.

According to Google's internal statistical data, Malaysians are the biggest users of Google in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is set to battle out India and Vietnam in a bid to be Google's pad in Asia.

Both India and Vietnam are also potential candidates: Both countries possess the necessary technical and engineering expertise and are confirmed players in the worldwide Outsourcing market.

The server farm will be Google's biggest according to the New Straits Times (via Redorbit) and will be a contender to the title of biggest server farm in the world against Microsoft's own data processing centre and another one in Scotland.

Some sources have also said that Google is looking for an area of more than 100 hectares, with uninterrupted electrical supply and "huge" broadband capacity.