Radio is a hit on the Internet

A survey released by Ipsos Mori has revealed that Internet Radio has "hit the mainstream" (via MediaGuardian) with more than 8 million people in the UK listening to Internet Radios.

More than 100 million podcasts are downloaded annually as well, a figure that hints at the gradual shift from a size-fits-all radio to an on demand service, much like the paradigm shift that's occurring in television broadcast.

More than half of the respondents who listened to podcasts say they would welcome advertising in podcasts if they are set free, an idea that has been taken onboard by start-up like QTrax to give away free music.

Less than 3 out of 10 said they would be ready to pay for podcasts to get rid of adverts; this underlines the fact that two different distribution methods might have to be setup to cater for the needs of two different audiences.

The average podcast user consumes on average 3.16 podcasts and spends just under 4 hours listening to them.

Utalkmarketing also reports on the positive influence of podcasting on live radio listening with many saying that podcasts have increased their live radio sessions and a substantial proportion saying that podcasts have encouraged them to try new radio stations.

iTunes remains the most popular way of subscribing to podcasts and a surprisingly high number of users actually use their computers to listen to their shows.