Church of Scientology getting some serious DDOS action

Reports are continuing to come in that the Church of Scientology's Web site are continuing to be hit by waves of DDOS attacks organised by multiple groups of hackers.

Tom Cruise must have upset some people -Ed

Operating under the alliance name of `Project Chanology,' the various hacker groups are said to be launching a variety of DDOS attacks from different countries, making it very difficult for the Church to
counter the problem.

Yes, I hear you crying in your coffee about the attacks, but what's interesting from a security perspective is that the hackers are (allegedly) using their own customised multi-DDOS attack software to drive Project Chanology forward.

APCMag also reports that the hackers are choking the Church's phone lines with prank calls, as well as sending page after page of scanned blackness to the Church's fax lines. This could get interesting - watch this space.