O2 improves iPhone call and text allowances

Early UK iPhone adopters rejoice. In a bid to improve iPhone sales, O2 has announced that it will offer more minutes and texts for iPhone contracts for existing and new contracts as well as from the 1st of February.

The cheapest £35 plan will see a trebling of the number of minutes, to 600 minutes with 500 texts. The £45 plan will jump to the previous £55 per month allowance - 1200 minutes/500 texts.

A new £75 plan will take over the £55 per month one and offer 3000 minutes per month - that's two days of continuous talking - and 500 text messages.

All iPhone contracts will still last 18 months and will come with free unlimited data and WiFi access.

O2 deserves major kudos here, not least because the Telefonica owned company has acted promptly to boost iPhone sales.

The news come as LG has revealed that the KU990 - which has a 5 MP digital camera - has sold more than 550,000 units in Europe since its launch in November 2007.

Samsung and Sony Ericsson are also preparing iPhone-like mobile phones according to StreetInsider.