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Asus to launch Cheap All in One EEE PC

Digitimes (opens in new tab) and The Register (opens in new tab) both comment on Asus's announcement that the Taiwanese company will soon release a desktop version of the popular EEE laptop plus an all in one system and a e-TV.

The desktop e-DT will be sold without a monitor and possibly be launched at Cebit 2008 with a starting price of $199.

Asus said that the computer will be based on the Intel Shelton 08 platform and built using Diamondville Processors and the 945GC chipset.

The All in One model has been dubbed e-Monitor and is not unlike Apple's own iMac. It will come with a screen size of up to 21-inch and will house a TV Tuner as well, all with a comfy price of $499, a fraction of the competitor's offer.

The e-Monitor will also be based on the Shelton platform and is schedule to go on sale in September; Asus has not confirmed whether the e-Commerce will keep on using the white colour scheme adopted by the EEE laptop.

As for the e-TV, it will be a 42-inch LCD TV monitor with an integrated PC which will sell for no more than $200 above the price of other TVs in the same class and the first photo of the E-TV shows a very classy, Samsung-esque design, which should get heads turning

Asus has not yet said whether they are planning to release a wireless version of the e-DT, where all the components are enclosed inside the keyboard (opens in new tab).

Désiré Athow

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