Google launches Barcode Adverts in Newspapers

Search Engine Giant, Google, has added a rather strange tool to its long list of advertising offers in the form of a small square barcode which you can see below.

Potential customers can use their mobile phone cameras to read the code and this will take the mobile browser to a mobile web address that's associated with the graphic file, which is presented in

SIA mentions three potential benefits like not having to type in a web address, the fact that the page can be made specifically for the user and that it can be tied to Google Analytics tools which give a wealth of information.

But there are also a few obstacles as well, like convincing phone manufacturers and mobile carriers to deploy this technology across their networks and to get the newspapers and magazine publishers to do the same.

Google believes that technology can revolutionize traditional print advertising and make it even more useful for readers as it fits with their commitment to making advertising as useful as possible for the end user, noting that Japanese - who have a pronounced taste for miniaturisation - have already embraced this technology since long.