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Vodafone UK And Rim Announce New Blackberry Pearl 8110

Vodafone UK and Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 in the UK with integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) and a 2 megapixel camera.

This popular business smartphone now includes the latest release of Vodafone Sat Nav, a powerful and user friendly navigation application, which now offers 3D mapping as standard.

The sleek, small and elegant BlackBerry Pearl 8110 smartphone integrates GPS along with powerful communications and multimedia capabilities.

It is one of the smallest and lightest smartphones available and designed for people who want to make the most of their work and personal lives.

When combined with Vodafone Sat Nav powered by Telmap, the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 can help customers avoid getting stuck in traffic jams with instant access to live traffic alerts, and includes information to millions of points-of-interest such as hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions. Customers also get up-to-date maps and directions, as the information is quickly retrieved over the Vodafone network as needed.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is an essential lifestyle tool that offers all the advanced functionality and the intuitive user experience one expects from a BlackBerry smartphone.

Customers can make calls, email, surf the net, take and send photographs, listen to music, watch and record* videos, as well as access their organiser and a wide range of mobile applications.

"The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 smartphone is designed for people who want business grade functionality along with advanced multimedia capabilities in a small and stylish package.

The addition of built-in GPS along with Vodafone Sat Nav takes the experience a step further by helping you find your way," says Charmaine Eggberry, Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA at Research In Motion.

"The BlackBerry 8110 offers all the same great features of the original Pearl 8100 but with some great software and hardware enhancements, including a 2 mega pixel camera and built-in GPS.

So, alongside our latest release of Sat Nav everyday Vodafone customers have the latest business tools all in one handset, helping them make the most of their working day, wherever they are," comments Kyle Whitehill, Director of the Enterprise Business Unit, Vodafone UK.

Désiré Athow

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