Dell working on an Android Phone?

Rumours are popping up all over the internet that Dell could revive its Axim range and turn it into an Android-based Smartphone family, according to MarketingWeek.

The speculation has been picked up by a number of news outlets and an announcement is expected at the 3GSM Telecoms Conference in Barcelona in a couple of weeks.

The launch would mark the return of Dell to the hand held computer market after the computer giant pulled its Axim range following disappointing sales.

Google and Dell have had a rather intimate relationship as the two stuck a $1 billion deal back in February 2006 with Dell giving permission to Google to install its software - Google Desktop, Google Side bar and more - on Dell computers.

This deal could extend to Android Based phones which would see software from Google loaded on the phones and financed by adverts.

Marketingweek also revealed that Dell was mulling an entry into the highly competitive mobile phone market after it recruited Ron Garriques, a Motorola executive.

Dell has also released a Google Dell Page which shows up as the default page on Dell's computer and provides Dell users with links to Dell's services.