SME Productivity goes down the drain thanks to IT and others

A recent survey published by BT shows that half of UK's Small Businesses waste one month a year on non-core activities such as Finance, IT and HR

The research also showed that 10 percent of the respondents had to attend to admin tasks for a day and a half a week, which corresponds to one third of a year.

Alastair Hirst, from BT, said that most Small Businesses don't have IT managers, instead relying on a "pay as you go" approach to solving technology issues.

The report also highlighted the need for companies to simplify their communications and IT solutions; something that BT is keen to push as it was presenting BT Business one, which it hailed as UK's first Triple Play designed for Business.

BT Business One comes with a free billing analyst software and only one bill to worry and one main phone number to contact for all enquiries; BT did not disclosed whether the broadband in the package is unlimited or not.

The research was based on a working year of 240 days and was carried by Vanson-Bourne amongst 435 businesses with less than 50 employees across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.