Californian utility company clerk gets targeted by hackers

Anti-Scientology hackers in the US appear to have singled out a Pacific Gas and Electric Company field clerk as the butt of their anger, even though it seems that John Lawson of Stockton, California, doesn't support the Church of Tom Cruise or isn't particularly Net- savvy.

According to Wired magazine's Web site, in fact, Lawson didn't know what was going on with the harassing phone calls until the magazine's reporter contacted him.

Turns out that a group of hackers called - appropriately enough - the g00ns - think that Lawson is a hacker who disrupted a Web site frequented by members of Anonymous, another group of hackers who were busy upsetting the Church of Scientology.

The g00ns posted Lawson's information on their internal BBS and that's when the harassing phone calls to the clerk started.

Lawson later told Wired that said a woman - who claimed to be affiliated with Anonymous - called him earlier this week to apologise over the case of mistaken identity.

Which, in my humble opinion, is not good enough. Lawson, meanwhile, has no redress, as the hacker group is all but uncontactable.

Talk about vigilante justice...