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Gold'en Rant : Security, not performance, is Vista's main focus

Here's a spot of good news for Microsoft Vista - all twelfty of them out of a claimed 100 million users - Vista Service Pack 1 is scheduled to be released to OEMs and punters next Monday, the 4th.

The gameplan is for SP1 to be dispatched to OEMs and punters in two waves - Wave 0 on Monday will include the English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese language version updates, whilst Wave 1 will cover all 36 standard Microsoft languages, including Chinese.

Vista SP1 will reportedly include all updates to date (as you might expect), core performance enhancements, including file copy, network browsing, and improved response time for resuming from sleep mode.

Other enhancements include support for a wider variety of hardware and new standards - oh, and BitLocker now supports encrypting for multiple volumes.

But what about speed improvements? Forget it - Microsoft reportedly wants to save this for SP2 which is due... er, it's not on the schedule yet.

(Ed : Hope they solve the issue with Windows Vista Hibernation which causes your screen to flicker on starting up)

Windows XP, meanwhile, is reportedly due for a major boost with a major update this coming spring, if not before, which will speed up the operating system by around 30 per cent, if the beta testers are to be believed.

All of this information, is drawn from technical notes released to developers. Mere punters - you know, the ones that have shelled for their operating systems from Microsoft in the first place - are being fed absolutely zero information.

Good eh? Some things never change with Microsoft, which - whether it likes it or not - continues to obfuscate and confuse punters...