VoIP makes spying more difficult

VoIP is making life more difficult for spies according to a report (PDF format) released by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) which is in charge of collecting information and data.

The report says that one of the greatest challenges is to maintain the GCHQ's intercept capability in the face of rapidly evolving comms technology; particularly in the face of internet based communications and voice over IP telephony.

"The internet uses a very different approach to communications, rather than having any sense of fixed lines, there is a big network with a number of nodes, but for any individual communicating, their communications are broken up into shorter packets," writes Sir David Pepper, director of GCHQ.

Most importantly, Voice over IP calls can be carried out regardless of geographical location and they are even available on mobile phone - like the Skypephone - which makes localisation even more difficult.

On Tuesday 29th, German detectives were said to be pushing for controversial plans to develop a legal Trojan horse

This legal malware would be used to intercept Voice over IP communications and SSL, allowing virtual eavesdropping on calls.