Canadian traffic police stop debit card fraudsters

I was mildly amused to read that Canadian police have charged four peeps with the fraudulent possession of financial data and conspiracy to use the data to create forged debit cards.

The charges follow on from the four men being picked up by traffic cops, who discovered they had 129 gift cards with the card details of British citizens on the magnetic stripes!

Interestingly, the four men were also found to be in possession with `materials' connecting them with the Tamil Tigers, a known terrorist group.

So why did the cops pull the men over? Simple - they found the driver had apparently been boozing, according to the Canwest newswire.

During raids on their motel rooms, police say they seized two laptop computers, a number of memory sticks, card reading and writing hardware, travel documents in the accused's names and receipts from money transfers back to the UK.

Two of the men are reported to be local Canadians, whilst the other two are said to be Brits.

Investigations are, as they say, proceeding, but police are hoping to connect the gang with others carrying out similar frauds using stolen UK debit card data. You have been warned...