Comment : Is Googlezon taking form?

Back in November 2004, a short Flash movie, EPIC 2014, was released online by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson; EPIC narrated the downfall of the traditional media, with the New York Times going offline in 2014 and in their prediction of the future, Google and Amazon are to merge in 2008 to form Googlezon - a system that "automatically searches all content sources and splices together stories to cater for the interests of each individual user"

In 2008, Google News already allows people to configure the way they consume information and Amazon has already released the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Simple Storage Service (S3) which allow individual and companies to pay as for storage and processing power on a pay as you go basis.

Amazon's latest financial results showed that EC2 and S3 consumed more bandwidth in Q4 2007 than the whole of Global sites - Amazon is one of the biggest websites in the world.

Furthermore, 330,000 developers have already registered for Amazon Web Services (AWS), that compares with a few thousands on Facebook.

A merger between Amazon and Google is within the realms of the achievable as both companies have little overlapping features.

Google is all about managing data and makes its fortunes out of selling adverts mainly; Amazon is all about products and services and gets its revenue from traditional brick and mortar transactions.

A combined Googlezon would probably have a market capitalisation approaching $200 billion and would be a formidable rival to Microsoft, just as EPIC 2014 wrote.

Edit : Seems like consolidation is finally taking place with Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo.