Expert Data Miner 1.27

Will help you keep track of the number of visitors you website has every day and create extensive reports.

Use Expert Data Miner and get a broad understanding of your website traffic. With Expert Data Miner, you know where your visitors are coming from and what they do.

You will be surprised to learn that spiders can form as much as 40% of your 'visitors' in some cases. Those scripts and programs will certainly help your site to be indexed by search engines, but if you wish to track down how much time a typical visitor spends on one page or where he goes, removing spiders from your sample seems a necessity.

However, most packages fail to do it properly. With EDM you can configure virtually each report and say if you want or include or exclude spiders from your statistics.

Most other packages give you the possibility to define 'projects' but do not offer database support. With their projects, you scan a couple of logs, save the results, and that's over. Should you wish to make a bigger study based on months of

activity, or add new log files one week after, you can't.

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