Fake Windows 7 downloads appear on the net

A Russian version of Windows 7 (Windows XP Codename Vienna 2008 Russian iso) has appeared on Bit torrent, weighing at just over 673MB.

The leak code of the successor of Windows Vista appear to be a fake though, according to various sources on the internet, as most of those ISO files are zero bytes ones, causing frustration, especially after punters have spent hours, if not days, downloading the files.

PC Advisor has also published a video from a Chinese website apparently showing a running version of Windows 7 Ultimate and captured using a Palm Treo 750 phone.

The author of the blog, Xiaohu Zhou, defends himself against accusation that he was posting fake articles, saying that the M1 version of Windows 7 he posted expires on the 7th of May 2008.

Zhou also posted a few screenshots which have already been branded as Photoshop artefacts and dismissed as simple fakes by Windows aficionados.

Windows 7 is expected to come anytime between 2009 and 2011.