IM attacks getting more sophisticated - possibly

Interesting to read that Akonix reckons that IM (instant messaging) attacks are increasing in frequency, after the company noticed no less than 14 new malicious code attacks on peer--peer networks - including Kazaa and eDonkey - during January.

The IT security firm says that it has seen the appearance of a number of IM worms such as MSNChristmas, MSNVB, Perin and Raiodin during the month.

I remember tracking a similar surge in attacks about five years ago as IM started to take off in the consumer and business markets, largely thanks to a ramping up of marketing by the likes of America Online and Microsoft.

Ironically, the paranoia that resulted from the surge in take-up of IM technology in the consumer sector ensure that companies suddenly lost interest in adopting IM within their corporate systems.

Myself, I don't think that that the problem of IM attacks has ever gone away - just that detection techniques are getting better.

I'm sure that Akonix would argue otherwise, but it all comes down the availability of so-called DIY hacking kits appearing hacker forums in the last 12 months or so.

But that, as they say, is another story...