Google Mobile search launched ahead of Android

Search Behemoth Google has updated its Mobile search services, in the UK, to mash up results from image, web, local business directory, mobile and news searches.

The service was launched last year in the US and has been available to T-Mobile users through their web'n'walk package.

This comes as research convinced Google that most people looked for chunks of information rather than full, in-depth information, when carrying searches on mobile devices.

This is particularly useful when looking for local information like restaurant menus and cinema listings.

"We're excited to introduce Google's new mobile search service, which will make it easier and faster for people to find what they're looking for anytime, anywhere," says Steve Cheng, Google mobile search product manager.

"With millions of mobile phones in use worldwide, our goal is to make the Google search experience even more useful and relevant for users on the go."

Google is gearing up its services as rumours of Android-phones being launched in February have swamped news websites.